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Welcome to The Crystal Guy!

"The Crystal Guy" is a collaborative labor of love by Gene and Barbara Jackson. Their mission is to share the power and love of the Mineral kingdom with those who seek Love and en-Light-enment via the inherent loving wisdom of the stones.

Gene has surrendered to his path of being "legs for the crystals". His passion and joy lie in connecting people to the right stones for their personal healing and empowerment and witnessing the magic that unfolds as the connection occurs.

Gene & Barbara offer private healing sessions by appointment.

They also teach a variety of experiential workshops on crystals for both the beginning and advanced crystal healer.

Check out our Stones & Mineral page to see a small selection of what we offer. Our shop is located in Cincinnati, OH and our hours are by appointment only. Call us at 513-984-5937 between the hours of 9 am to 9 pm Eastern Time to schedule an appointment.